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CN580: Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

Prereq: Senior standing in a Natural Science or Mathematics Department or consent of instructor.

This introductory level course focuses on building a background in neuroscience, but with emphasis on computational approaches. Topics include basic biophysics of ion channels, Hodgkin-Huxley theory, use of simulators such as NEURON and GENESIS, recent applications of the compartmental modeling technique, and a survey of neuronal architectures of the retina, cerebellum, basal-ganglia and neo-cortex. Schwartz. 4 cr., 1st semester

CN780: Research Topics in Computational Neuroscience

Prereq: CAS MA225 Multivariate Calculus and MA242 Linear Algebra or consent of instructor.

In this seminar, recent research papers and applications in computational neuroscience will be reviewed. Topics covered include cortical modeling, analog VLSI, active perception, robotic control, stereo vision, and computer aided neuroanatomy. Schwartz. 4 cr., 2nd semester.


The CVCNS lab sponsors several weekly seminars on special topics or current research trends. Each seminar consists of an informal meeting during which we discuss readings. At the end of each meeting we decide as a group the readings for the next meeting based on our discussion and the interests of the participants.

Most seminars have an accompanying organizational Swiki or web page and mailing list to make the reading schedule accessible, to make electronic resources (e.g., code, papers, etc.) available, and for providing a forum for participants hold discussions between meetings.

The following table outlines our ongoing seminars.

Current CVCNS lab seminars
Seminar Title Start – Finish Date Meeting Time Meeting Location
Surface Reconstruction TBA TBA TBA
MRI Sept 2002 – Present Mondays 3pm CNS Rm 301
Optical Flow April 2002 – Present Thursdays 2pm CNS Rm 301
Simple Hubel-Wiesel Model Sept 2001 – Present Fridays 10am CNS Rm 301

The following is a list of some recent seminars that we have completed.


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