Graph Analysis Toolbox matlab code

Description: The Graph Analysis Toolbox for MATLAB provides tools for the processing and analysis of images (and other functions) defined on graphs.  In particular, space-variant (i.e., foveal) architectures are supported. Included are algorithms developed by the authors for this purpose as well as algorithms developed by other researchers in the same formalism.  Demonstrations of the functionality of this toolbox are provided in the extended DEMOS package along with architectures based on the sampling of visual space used by over 20 different species. 

Platform: all

Language: MATLAB 6.5

Graph Analysis Toolbox
DEMOS package

Dependencies: none

Version: 1.0

Date: 2003 Aug 21

Contact: Leo Grady

Email: lgrady at

License: GPL


1. Leo Grady and Eric L. Schwartz. The graph analysis toolbox: Image processing on arbitrary graphs. Technical Report Pending, Boston University, Boston, MA, August 2003.

2. Leo Grady Space-Variant Computer Vision: A Graph-Theoretic Approach PhD thesis, Boston University, Boston, MA, 2004.

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