Surface Constructor

Description: The Surface Constructor (surfCon) is an application aiding in the production of two-dimensional triangular mesh surface representations of the boundary of three-dimensional objects. Input to surfCon is a set of images of serial volume slices through an object. The images are first mutually aligned if necessary, then points on the boundary of the object are identified. The output of surfCon is a mesh representation of the surface of the object. surfCon is appropriate for use with partial surfaces, open surfaces, and closed surfaces.

If you publish work that includes results obtained using this software, please cite:
Hinds, O. P., Polimeni, J. R., Schwartz, E. L., 2006. Brain surface reconstruction from slice contours [Abstract]. NeuroImage 31 (1), S445.

Platform: Linux, Windows, Mac (not recommended)

Language: C

Surface Constructor

Surface Reconstruction Library

Version: 1.1

Date: 2007-05-22

Contact: Oliver Hinds

Email: oph at

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