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Computational Neuroscience

The term "Computational Neuroscience" was introduced by Eric Schwartz, who was asked by Charles Smith, Program Manager of the Systems Development Foundation (SDF) to organize a Symposium in an as yet unnamed area which was subsequently termed "Computational Neuroscience". The Symposium took place in 1985, and the book appeared in 1990.

The introduction provides the definition of the term "Computational Neuroscience", which emphasizes the requirement for a non-trivial interaction of neuroscience, as a biological discipline, and mathematics and computer science methods as an expositive approach to the conceptual basis of the field.

In subsequent years, the term has become very widely used, often not in the spirit of its original definition.

As a partial means of dealing with the current terminological and scientific morass associated with this area, the interested reader may consult our guide to computational neuroscience, which provides valuable tips for working in this field.

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